Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Words that will change your view on Che Guevara


If a human being talks this way and fights the way he did for the freedoom of others, this is called a humanitary person. His words in this video have moved me, I have been searching and reading so much about his life, and I found this video that has confirmed to my doubt about his ways in the revolution. He is definitely not a coldblooded murderer like they say. Haters people that just want to taint his image take the advantage of the killing done in the revolution to make him look like his a murderer not a hero.

Che talking to the world in words that reach your heart ♥

y sobre todo, sean siempre capaces de sentir en lo más hondo cualquier injusticia cometida contra cualquiera en cualquier parte del mundo. Es la cualidad más linda de un revolucionario

The true story of Che by Jon Lee Anderson`~ book

Che Guevara  Song;

Che Guevara

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